Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Meet Jennifer, Last of the three!

My name is Jennifer and I thought I would take a minute to introduce myself. I have always loved all things old and vintage, but really grew to love antiques and collectibles when I was doing props and set dressing for theatre. I have worked in theatre my whole career and early on did a lot of props and set dressing. I eventually moved on and worked for many years as a professional stage manager and now a director and producer. I am still an avid collector and I love to buy things from my two good friends Cathie and Paula who have wonderful taste. That is why I am so happy to be doing Flea.o.logy with them. I am probably the newbie of the group. I have a booth at Treasures North and have been selling there for almost a year. It has been such a fun experience meeting all the dealers and getting to know people just like me.

You will love our dealers at Flea.o.logy. I probably have bought from all of them. It is a great mix.

Things I always keep my eyes out for is cool small vintage stuff, old keys, vintage jewelry, old lace, ESPECIALLY OLD MILLINERY and anything I can use on crowns and jewelry that I make.
I take all this cool old vintage stuff and re purpose it into fanciful and whimsical creations to wear. I sell these items to boutiques and The Beehive Bazaar (the spring one is in May at the Women's Center in Provo.) I will also be selling some of these items at Flea.o.logy. I love taking old vintage cast offs and seeing what I can do to make it into something of beauty.


I also love chippy furniture, all kinds of dishes, linens, vintage clothing, and chairs. I love chairs.


I have three wonderful daughters that often join me on my thrifting adventures and I blog about our wonderful creative life together. (See sidebar on the right).

Come join us for our first Flea.o.logy market on April 30th. I promise you will not be disappointed!
My sweet little family.

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