Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our Rustic Rose!! Another Vendor Spotlight!

 Meet Rose, the lover of all things old and rustic.  She loves primitive cupboards, and old pottery!

This charming blue cupboard shows off some of her cold painted pottery which always looks cheerful!

 She also favors old advertising tins.  I love the graphic design and the great condition of the painted label on the Farmer John Lard can.  One just has to wonder what it was about Farmer John that got his name on a lard can, not sure that is what I would want for my claim to fame!

In this picture we see wonderfully random stacked enamelware, of which Rose has a marvelous collection!

Have you noticed that Rose loves blue?!   This shelf showcases items unified by color! 
In this picture we see a rack of great floral transfer plates,
 which make for cheerful and inexpensive decorating.

Rose has a lot of wonderful stuff, but probably her greatest love is for primitive folk art paintings and crockery, both shown in this vignette.  Be sure to come to our sale the last Saturday of this month to see what treasures she will bring to share will you all!!


  1. If you have room, I would like to come and sell some things. Just let me know.

  2. We would love to have you come Michelle, and will save you a 10 by 10 spot!! I am looking forward to catching up!! :-)