Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Flea Market on Main in Payson or Fleo.o.logy - The Early Years

Before we start this discussion it is important for you to know one thing.  Though there are great flea markets all over Europe and the United States, and probably even in Timbuktu, there are NO real flea markets in Utah.

This is a lack that has been deeply felt by many antique dealers and antique lovers of every shape and size here in Utah.  Local antique aficionados have traveled far and wide to attend the wonderful flea markets that we read about (and drool over)  in antiquing magazines.  These include Brimfield, Round Top, all the Renningers sales and even the Rose Bowl Flea Market. 

In the summer of 2005, I gathered several friends and associates in the antiques business, including dealers, customers and even one amazing picker.  I invited them to join forces and start a flea market in the fenced yard of my historic home on Main Street in Payson, Utah.
The people of Payson were suffering from a lack of antique stores, having just one occasionally open and another by appointment only shop, they were hungry for antiques and they flocked to our first sale that summer.

By the end of the summer 2005 we had five regular vendors and were drawing hundreds of customers to every sale.

The flea market was a great place for me to clearance wares that had set too long on the shelves of my booths at Treasures Antiques and other Antique Malls where I rented space.  Other dealers did the same.  I even invited good customers to come and clear out their own antique treasures as they changed decor directions or found a move eminent. 
Last Summer, our 6th year of holding sales, we had as many as 12 vendors.  People would stop me in the grocery store and ask if we were still  doing the sales.  Customers at the shop would start asking when we would start our sales as early as January.   So that now, it never feels like spring to me unless I have my first sale date set. 

This is my historic house in Payson, Utah.  It was built in 1894, by John Dixon who later served two terms as Mayor of Payson.  He lived here with his wife, whose nickname was Daisy, and his only child, a daughter Jennie.

The yard of this house is the perfect place for a flea market as it is surrounded by enormous trees that keep the yard shaded all day.  Even when temperatures are in the 80's and 90's one is comfortable and cool!  Hopefully you will be able to come and visit us at one of our sales this year.  We are adding some new features and hope to have something for everyone. See You Soon!


  1. Hi there! May I post a photo of your house on a Facebook page devoted to Historic Payson (mainly the Huish Theatre restoration page)? I'll post a link to your blog, K?

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    Joan Landes

  2. I know in some cities/towns with Vintage houses, the entire town has a giant yard-sale all on the same day. People come from all over to shop and shop and shop. . . Payson could do something like that. Maybe on the weekend of Onion Days. . .everyone comes in for that anyway.