Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Meet Cathie, Another of the Flea.o.logy Three. . .

Hi, I'm Cathie and I've been in the second-hand "business" for about six years now but have loved second-hand nearly all my life - starting with a garage sale purchase in my early teens (see my blog, address at the side!).  I call my little business "sEcoNd haNd sTuFt - from my stuft house. . . to yours" ~ since my house is always literally stuffed with goodies I have in waiting to sell.  And I mean stuffed --- the basement, the garage, the patio, and usually the living room, the kitchen, the sewing room, our bedroom and the kitchen table.  What that means for us is that we live in constant chaos - but for you it means that we constantly have fun things to bring to the antique mall and to the flea market for you to buy!

Things I love. . . ooh, there are so many things I love!  My favorite are things from the 50's.  Retro anything.  Clothes, linens, kitchen, kitsch, etc. etc.  Love those colors!  I love enamel.  And metal.  And fabric.  And primitives.  And chippy paint.  Stools, buckets, light covers, salvage, aprons, towels, board games, books, wheelbarrows, wood chairs, floral hankies, vintage toys, old windows, old doors (I'm in SO much trouble with my sweet husband if I bring home any more old doors), metal patio chairs (ditto), buttons, kitchen utensils. . . . . . . . and the list goes on.  I just love SO many old things!!

I got my feet wet selling second-hand on eBay and online locally.  Then one day I found a lovely silver plate mirror at a yard sale and zipped it over to my dear friend's consignment shop, where she sold it within a few weeks for 10 times what I paid for it.  I was hooked!  She connected me with a local monthly flea market where I could sell some things.  I got a job at a Salt Lake consignment shop.  I was quite successful at the shop and started branching out to more flea markets and street fairs.  All of a sudden antique selling became a business instead of just a hobby.  I now could add a new "career" to my lifetime list. . . antique dealer!

Magnets made from vintage buttons. . .

I now sell at Treasures Antique Mall in Springville (I-15 West Frontage Road, exit 261) and consign at Now & Again in Salt Lake (501 E. 300 South) and at Aunt Elsie's in Gardner Village in West Jordan.  You'll also find me at, of course, flea.o.logy, and at the Acorn Antique Show in Ogden May 21st & 22nd, Bella's Vintage Market on July 9th and at the Avenues Street Fair on September 10th. 

Won't you come see us at flea.o.logy on April 30th!

Here I am with my sweet husband Fred, who helps me in
all my second-hand adventures. . . 

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  1. Great post Cathie! Looking forward to interacting more with you via Treasures and flea.o.logy!